Case Studies

Louisville - Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project



In 2003, the State of Kentucky under took its largest project in its long history: the $4 billion Louisville - Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project (LSIORBP). Coupled with this, the state needed a far reaching and innovative solution to its growing disparity between its disadvantage business and majority communities.


MBM co-authored the LSIORBP DBE program. Also included in this program are numerous innovative elements such as a searchable DBE directory, a DBE Business Assistance Directory and a DBE information website, to name a few. MBM also incorporated numerous grassroots initiatives that would both inform, educate, and better prepare minority and women owned businesses for the opportunities that this enormous project would provide. MBM reached out and incorporated diverse agencies around the state to combine their knowledge and resources to better assist disadvantaged businesses. The result was a far more reaching program that also saw better coordination and identification.

Brown Forman - Jack Daniels Underground

Public Relations


Brown Forman, a maker of fine wines and spirits, noticed that while they enjoyed a strong presence in the main stream market with their premium brands, the same was not true in the minority market. After much research they found that name recognition or price point was not the problem. The challenge was to find a way to not only connect with the minority market, but more importantly to position themselves within the 21 - 35 segment of this market who are key influencers in both the minority and mainstream market.


MBM created an innovative sub-community called "The Underground". Utilizing grassroots and urban marketing, public relations, and "Street Campaigning" , accompanied with a state-of-the-art interactive and engaging web presence, MBM helped reposition Brown Forman in the lucrative minority and urban markets.

Kentucky Lottery - Choices Program



The Kentucky Lottery Corporation, working in conjunction with the State of Kentucky, needed to refresh a program that they jointly sponsored regarding addictive behavior. The program was targeted toward middle school youth in a preventive effort. However, there was, to some degree, a disconnect between the youth and the ambassadors of the program in the local schools: the counselors. A new look and feel was needed to get buy-in from the youth and support from the counselors.


MBM researched the existing program and conducted independent interviews with the targeted age group to focus in on their sensitivities to such a campaign. Armed with relevant knowledge, MBM designed and packaged an appealing graphic identity that caught the attention of both the youth and the counselors. MBM also helped refine how the program would be implemented and distributed. The result was a much more receptive audience. The success of the program led to its adoption by all 120 counties in the State of Kentucky.

Kentucky History Center



The State of Kentucky had invested $26 million dollars into developing a state-of-the-art history center and needed a campaign and presence that would reflect the pride and character of a state with a rich history. The scrutiny of the brand would be intense because it would have to pass the approval of all 120 counties in the state as well as a host of state employees and finally ending up on the governor's desk for final sign-off.


MBM developed a campaign that reached out to every county in the state while promoting the importance of the center and the states history. MBM used a series of small format informative pieces to create buy-in to each county's importance in the state's rich history. The campaign also utilized technology to distribute ideas and gain consensus of the design take-off until it created the current marks and logo that now represent the history center to the state and its thousands of annual visitors. The result was an extremely successful grand opening and state-wide buy-in of the new history center.

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23 June 2024

Before some folks loose their mind, I am not going to preach to you about your religious beliefs or experiences. This has nothing to do with religion at all (I don’t think). However, I do want to make a case for philanthropic social equity – ministry. By this I mean the giving back of your time and your talents, and not just a corner of your wallet. (more…)

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23 June 2024

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